With Better Marketing, Electric Cars Promise Utilities Greater Sales

By Clean Markets . 08 Jun, 2017 . in Marketing Strategies

By Ben Block

Could better marketing be what’s missing for electric vehicles (EV) to finally take off?

While some utilities are already building charging infrastructure through ratepayer-funded programs, EV sales are still low across much of the country. This leaves many utilities unsure how to approach the new market — especially in a political climate where fuel efficiency rules may be in flux.

As I write in an article published in the November edition of Strategies, the newsletter produced by the Association of Energy Services Professionals, too few utilities are investing in customer education. EV awareness campaigns can help diminish “range anxiety” by educating potential drivers about the feasibility of battery-dependent transport within their communities. Truly accelerating the EV market may depend on it.

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Ben Block is a Marketing Manager for Clean Markets, a market development firm focused on the clean energy sector. He can be reached at bblock@cleanmarkets.com.