Dynamic Marketing Is The Future of B2B Marketing

By admin . 16 Nov, 2016 . in Marketing Strategies

By Ellen Lutz

In this digital age of Google, social media and mobile technology, the most effective marketing is a dynamic, not iterative process. Such dynamic marketing requires constant change and progress.

As I write in an article published in the November edition of Strategies, the newsletter produced by the Association of Energy Services Professionals, dynamic marketing can have many benefits for utility energy-efficiency programs.

By crafting appropriate messaging that’s informed by a customer’s stage in their decision process, marketers can lower their acquisition costs, drive higher participation rates and increase overall customer satisfaction.

It is particularly appropriate for business-to-business programs where sales cycles are long and complex, and when customers need to be nurtured through each stage of their decision process.

The full article, “Dynamic Marketing: The Importance of Personalization in Engaging Business Customers,” is published in the Publications page. To gain full access to Strategies, become an AESP member.

Ellen Lutz is the founder and CEO of Clean Markets, a market development firm focused on the clean energy sector. She can be reached at elutz@cleanmarkets.com.