Uncovering market opportunities. Creating and expanding markets. Boosting bottom lines. All of our customizable services—any component of which can stand on its own—have been proven to deliver high-impact results.


We get to know you  
Before initiating any project, we make sure we truly understand your perspectives and every one of your specific and unique challenges and goals. With our concrete understanding of the sound business case for your initiatives, as well as a combined 70+ years of hands-on energy marketing and leadership experience, we have the perspective and expertise you need to make an impact.

We evaluate your marketing efforts  
With a proficient, objective, and critical eye, we analyze your current marketing and communication strategies. What’s working? What’s not? How can your efforts be improved?

We get to know your market.  
Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we dig deep to fully understand your current—and potential—target audiences. Who are they? What are their wants and needs? Who do they trust? What are their perceptions of your current programs? Do they understand the benefits of clean energy?

We identify untapped market prospects  
Based on our analyses, we identify what works best for your organization. Markets with the most growth potential. Audiences who are underserved or misunderstood. Market opportunities that will precisely meet your specific needs. We identify and evaluate all of the pros and cons associated with your opportunities. The inherent obstacles. The possible risks. The potential rewards.

The benefit to you  
Knowledge and insight to confidently target unrealized, high-potential markets for your clean energy programs.

Our tools, tactics and technologies
  • +Primary and secondary market research
  • +SWOT and GAP analyses
  • +Competitive assessments
  • +Data analytics and reporting
  • +Market segmentation
  • +GIS mapping
  • +Program logic models

We get to know you  
Before initiating any project, we make sure we truly understand your company’s perspectives and every one of your program’s specific and unique challenges and goals.

We optimize your marketing programs
Based on our comprehensive understanding of your current efforts—and in close collaboration with your internal teams and external partners—we help to develop, customize, and focus any component of your marketing program. We ensure that your updated efforts integrate seamlessly with your current programs. Market buzz is created. Niche markets are engaged. New customers are motivated. Your brand is supported and defined.

We improve your outreach
With the support of experienced channel and industry partners, an engaging outreach staff, and state-of-the art tools and proprietary technologies, we support your educational and outreach programs. Target audiences are engaged. Customers are educated. Workforces are trained. Goals are met. Sales are closed.

The benefit to you 
Optimized efforts that create actual sales and sustain market impact.

Our tools, tactics and technologies
  • + Marketing strategy and business planning
  • + Marketing campaigns
  • + Lead generation and campaign management/measurement platforms
  • + Advertising and other marketing/educational collateral
  • Print, digital
  • Website creation
  • + Web-enabled, proprietary channel partner database (600+ regional/national alliances)
  • + Community outreach and education
  • + Professional outreach and education
  • + Workforce training
  • + Media and public relations
  • Media planning, media outreach, media placement and press events
  • + Social media
  • Strategy, outreach, management
  • + Authored/co-authored articles, case studies/white papers
How do we help to BOOST BOTTOM LINES?

We crunch the numbers
Using sophisticated energy efficiency investment models, including patent pending B-RIM, we provide an in-depth financial picture of potential energy investments and the highest financial returns. Projected costs. Ways to finance investments. Energy savings. Return on investment.

We analyze your organization’s goals
Digging deep, we evaluate your processes and business strategies as they relate to the dynamics of your specific market. What’s working? What’s not? What could be modified?

We improve your organizational approach
Using our extensive knowledge of the energy sector, we help refine your business and financial strategies. Internal processes are streamlined. Competing priorities are rationalized. Your competitive position is improved. Financial opportunities are realized.

The benefit to you  
As a business owner, the confidence to successfully invest your energy dollars. As an organization, the knowledge to cost-effectively reach program goals.

Our tools, tactics and technologies
  • + Customized financial models
  • + Rebate modeling
  • + Financial return projections
  • + Pro forma/budget development
  • + Marketing ROI models
CLEAN MARKETS announces the launch of B-RIM, a financial modeling tool that helps to boost your bottom line

What is B-RIM?  CLEAN MARKET’s Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Investment Model—B-RIM—is a web-enabled financial modeling tool used by CFOs, building owners, and energy service professionals.

What’s it for? 
B-RIM enables building owners considering investments in an energy efficiency project—without needing to conduct an energy audit—to fully understand the magnitude of financial return that could be realized from the project’s implementation. B-RIM identifies options for financing the potential project.

How does it work? 
B-RIM estimates the short- and long-term financial impact of multiple energy efficiency projects. With basic information about the building or desired project, B-RIM produces a comprehensive financial analysis for each project. B-RIM can provide an analysis for replacing individual units of equipment, or for replacing multiple units bundled into one project.

The benefit to building owners, service providers, government and utility companies. Rapid, in-depth financial analyses. Immediate comparison and prioritization of projects. Expedited investment decisions. Expedited sales processes. Expedited market penetration.

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  • +Projected costs
  • +Energy savings
  • +Eligible rebates and tax incentives
  • +Financial returns under six financing scenarios
  • +Cash outlay
  • +Return on investment
  • +Projected timelines
  • +Benefit/cost ratio