B-RIM Wins CBEI Commercialization Challenge

By Clean Markets . 08 Jun, 2017 . in News

PHILADELPHIA, June 30, 2015/The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) Commercialization Challenge, coordinated by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, today announced the Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Investment Model (B-RIM) as the winner of a business plan competition among hundreds of early-stage, energy-efficiency technologies.

The CBEI Commercialization Challenge began with a technology review by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of available technologies that relate to commercial building energy efficiency. The review identified 200 technologies offering commercial potential. Clean Markets and TRC co-developed B-RIM to provide contractors and building owners with an in-depth, user-friendly financial analysis model for their energy investments. The online tool provides a “business case” for investing in energy efficiency projects, showing the financial returns of the investment, as well as the financial returns under multiple financing scenarios.

“B-RIM users quickly receive estimates of project costs, energy savings and funding options without incurring the delay and cost of conducting an energy audit ,” said Clean Markets CEO Ellen Lutz. “ Building owners are often reluctant to invest thousands of dollars in an energy audit, without knowing the potential upside of installing the recommended measures. Many profitable energy efficiency projects never get off the ground waiting for the building owner to decide if they want to first invest in an audit. B-RIM shouldn’t completely bypass the audit step, but it will provide the needed financial direction for building owners to make informed decisions about next steps. ”

Selection of B-RIM as the winner of the CBEI Commercialization Challenge awards Clean Markets and TRC with six months of incubator space at the CBEI Commercialization Center as well as the opportunity for the B-RIM business plan to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy as a potential candidate for additional funding. In addition, Clean Markets and TRC will receive grant proposal support, mentoring services, and networking opportunities.

In addition to B-RIM, the full list of CBEI Commercialization Competition finalists include Facility Energy Decisions System (FEDS™) Software, Grid Friendly™ Water Heater Controller, Integrated Commercial LED Lighting System, Home Energy Management System, and the Augmented Reality Building Operations Tool.

About the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation

CBEI (www.cbei.psu.edu) is focused on generating impact in the small- and medium-sized commercial buildings (SMSCB) retrofit market. Located at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, CBEI develops and demonstrates systems solutions in a real-world regional context for future national deployment. Bringing together 14 organizations including major research universities, global industrial firms, and national laboratories from across the United States, CBEI is dedicated to creating pathways to 50% energy reduction in existing buildings by 2030.

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