Program Design

Our niche program designs help you to:

  • Penetrate niche markets and hard to reach customer segments
  • Understand your customer’s experience at every point of contact
  • Penetrate slow-to-adopt technologies

Our marketing campaigns will:

  • Inspire and motivate your customers to participate
  • Be flexible and responsive through continuous testing and measurement
  • Optimize the customer experience to deliver satisfaction and program goals
Channel Partner Management

Our team will deliver:

  • Strong networks of trade allies and channel partners
  • Maximized opportunities across multiple market segments
  • A clear understanding of trade ally and channel partner performance across entire networks

Our Outreach team will:

  • Deliver your energy savings goals every time
  • Increase customer satisfaction across program markets
  • Provide real time market intelligence for continuous improvement
We understand what matters
to your business because
we’ve been in your shoes